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Ever since technologies started getting more and more evolved, the world of photography and editing photographs also grew to an unimaginable extent. With the emergence of photo and video editing software like Photoshop and Picasa, one can now do unimaginable things with photographs and enhance their quality to a level that was previously unimaginable. The editing technologies paired with the powerful cameras and other photography tools, one can now take photographs and edit them according to their own discretion. Photoshop is one such powerful software that can even let you add a person to a photograph that wasn’t even in the original photograph. Photo editing is a wonderful and extremely powerful tool that lets one enhance the beauty of nature and create art in a previously unimaginable way. However, with great power comes great responsibility. Editing photographs has a large number of substantial benefits, but on the other hand such tools and software also have a negative side. For example many a times, photographs are edited and are used for false purposes such as blackmailing or even corruption.

Photo Resizing

Photo resizing, also known as image scaling, is a technique and concept which is used for the resizing of any digital image. Gone are the days when one had to be content with the size or shape of a particular image. Today we live in a world where we can take matters into our own hands even with photographs that have already been captured. In computer graphics and the process of digital imaging, the concept of resizing is referred to as image scaling. However in the case of videos, this process is referred to as resolution enhancement or upscaling. Photo resizing techniques and methods are so advanced that geometric transformations are done on images without even the slightest distortion in quality. For example in a particular image if a person wants to focus on a particular part that can be easily done focusing on the image and removing the rest of the image.

Photo resizing methods

Photo resizing is a very important technique used by professionals and amateurs alike. Not only is image resizing very important in a normal person’s life, it is also very important for program or operating system developers. Not only does this involve using a various techniques but there are also available many programs dedicated particularly for the important task of image resizing. Following are a few ways to help even the most inexperienced of people, resize their images like a complete professional;

· Using a free web application is a very easy and simple way of helping people resize their images without the hassle of downloading a software and then learning how to use it. The internet has a complete treasure of such applications and all these applications are user friendly in the sense that they come with step-by-step instructions and directions to help resize an image. There are a number of applications designed for this purpose and available online such as picresize, resize your image, resize pic, web resizer, among others. If you specifically want to create your own avatar from photo – avatarmaker is designed to do it for you.

avatar creator

· Another much easier way of resizing an image is the use of the conventional and simple, Microsoft paint. Despite the presence of various software and applications, the good-old Microsoft paint also has a resize option which can help anyone reduce or increase the size of the particular image they like.

resize image paint

· The famous application by google, Picasa is a wonderful tool for resizing images as well. Although there are less and more professional methods available for resizing, Picasa is perfect for anyone looking to resize their image in a quick and effective way. There are a variety of image resize options available on Picasa and one has to simply upload the image, select the option and let the application do the rest of the work.


· Another very useful and simple trick for resizing images is Instagram. Famous as just a social media networking, Instagram allows you to edit your images in a variety of ways which also happens to include the image resize options. This option is perfect for anyone that wants to quickly resize their image without even using a computer.


· Last but not the least, is the world famous Photoshop. This photo editing software by adobe is known across the world for its photo editing wonders. In addition to much more complicated operations, Photoshop can help you resize your image to whatever size you like very easily, although the software is a bit more technical compared to the rest of the options.

photoshop resizer

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